Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller has been executive director of Homelands Productions since 2006. As a freelance journalist, he has reported from Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the USA for NPR, BBC, CBC, Marketplace, The World, PBS NewsHour, Monitor Radio, VOA, Radio Netherlands, and Radio Deutsche Welle, and has written for the New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler, Parents, American Way, Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications. He was also a correspondent for Video News International. For 13 years he lived and worked in the Philippines and Peru.

Jonathan served as executive producer of "Food for 9 Billion," a collaborative project of Homelands Productions, The Center for Investigative Reporting, Marketplace, The World, and PBS NewsHour. Before that, he was executive producer of Homelands' "WORKING" project profiling workers in the global economy (2007-2009) and the "Worlds of Difference" series about the responses of traditional societies to rapid cultural change (2002-2005). Both "WORKING" and "Worlds of Difference" won multiple national awards.

An active member of the Association of Independents in Radio, Jonathan served on the advisory board of World Vision Report, contributed to the "Groundwork" project of the Duke Center for Documentary Studies and "Stories from the Heart of the Land" from Atlantic Public Media, and was editor for the "Against the Odds" documentary series by author and columnist Ellis Cose. He was also editorial director of "Think Global," the 2005 Public Radio Collaboration on globalization, involving more than 300 non-commercial stations and 30 national shows. He is currently advising the public radio program Interfaith Voices on its God and Government project. In addition to his journalism, he has worked as a consulting writer and editor for several international development institutions in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. He lives in Ithaca, New York.

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